“Mornin’ Everybody”

   Well, I got 1 quilt top finished yesterday, and another one closer to completion…YAY!!!

Note to self: Lock cats out of sewing room when cutting strips – no fun, and more exercise than wanted, chasing cat down hall (and around house) with freshly cut strips trailing behind them that they just absconded with ….

   Have all the outdoor Christmas lights, and decorations, popped up where you live – like, overnight?!?!? As I sit here looking out my windows, every neighbor in the neighborhood has a decorated yard/house!! I never saw any of them decorating yesterday (duh, I was at church and in sewing room all day….) or anytime over the past week. Musta been those helpful elves or “magically appearing decorating/lighting fairies” that some around here call “grandkids”….they usually visit the neighbors on the weekends…..hmmmm  I guess that means I better get my decorating butt in gear – I’m usually the first one to decorate ( I’m the “Griswald” house that you see in your Christmas nightmares on the corner), but they beat me this year!!! I was actually being lazy and thinking of not decorating the outside this year, and blaming it on higher energy costs. It just doesn’t FEEL like Christmas yet, the boy is 17 now (and spends most of his time divided between work, school and his girlfriend – who is a sweetheart) so I can’t use him as a decorating explosion excuse (like I always did when he was younger), and…..oh, excuses, excuses- I was just being lazy. 🙂

   So, I guess I know what I’ll be doing today – the regular day job, sewing up Christmas quilts/gifts, and lugging dust-covered (and possible mouse infested) boxes, tubs and bags of Christmas lights and decorations out of the garage and storage sheds. Then I get to take a refresher course on the art of untangling my Christmas Seaweed  (i.e. light strings)….BEWARE NEIGHBORS, the “Griswalds” are back….MUAHAHAHA.

LOL, Y’all have a great day, and stay safe out there 🙂


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