“Oh it’s begining to look alot like Christmas…”

Mornin’ Y’all.

   Well, too many other distractions kept me from decorating yesterday – my son’s car had to go to the shop, and being the “good mom” that I am 🙂 I took it in for him, while he has my jeep to drive. OH MY GOSH!!!! All I can say is it is I forgot how much “fun” IT IS NOT to have a vehicle quit going forward on you while driving on a busy two-lane highway!!!!! He had thought it was the transmission acting up – but it is actually ( THANKS BE TO GOD!!! ) a dirty clogged fuel filter (and hopefully that is all). Thank God I had an escort of a 1 ton diesel truck that was able to play blocker for me from the traffic and (with a tow-strap) tow me the last 1/8th mile to the shop 🙂 . A fuel filter is MUCH cheaper to replace than a transmission – however, it can be just about as scary when it acts up in the middle of traffic!

   The neighbors have definitely decided to outdo me in the decorating department this year. Up until now, myself and 1 other neighbor were the only ones in the neighborhood to put up ANY Christmas lights or decorations. Yesterday the old man who lives 2 doors down, and NEVER puts up lights, PUT LIGHTS ON EVERYTHING IN HIS YARD THE DIDN’T MOVE (possibly some things that did) AND OUTLINED HIS HOUSE AND MADE A NATIVITY SCENE!!!!  OK – now it’s Lighting War!!!! Today the heavy artillery is coming out and by dark Santa may have a lighted Landing Strip in my side field!!!! LOL I just have to go “acquire” a friends inflatable Santa and Sleigh – if they’re not needing it this year that is 🙂 . I’ll keep ya posted 🙂

Y’all have a great, Blessed day and stay safe out there!!! Oh yeah, and watch out for those little “Lighting-Fairies” stirring the pots in a neighborhood near you!! LOL

Socks in Christmas Tree

Socks, Official Christmas Tree Inspector


One Response to ““Oh it’s begining to look alot like Christmas…””

  1. the boy Says:

    hey thats good that it was only a filter! and ya the car did that to me on the highway to but i got it to keep going b/c it wasnt clogged fully! thx and i miss you love you, see you soon!

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