Happy “Black Friday” Y’all!!

   Well, we all ate WAAAYY too much yesterday – everyone felt like stuffed ticks most of the day….Not sure if it’s even all digested yet!  I got to watch my football game (we won!!!), the boys played video games, and almost EVERYBODY took short naps due to the abundant food consumption!! The traditional Thanksgiving – LOL.

   I don’t partake of Black Friday (due to an aversion to being trampled, and I have to work “the day job”), but those who do have been flying past my house on the way to shop for about the past 2  1/2 hours!!!! That means they either never went to bed, or set their alarms for 2 AM!!!! I wish them all luck! The good thing about Black Friday is that they all go home and go to bed by about 11 AM, so there is very little traffic running the streets most of the afternoon. A real blessing in a Tourist Town!! Also makes it easier for those of us who have to drive around amongst them during the day. 🙂

   The bad news is – THERE IS NOW ONLY 4 WEEKS, TO THE DAY, UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!! AHHGGG!!! I LOVE christmas – it’s really the only holiday I decorate for, and I’m one of those weird people who would live in Christmas-Town if it existed. The “bad” part is that 4 weeks really translates into 2 -3 weeks for me, and I have ALOT to get done before it’s time to hand out gifts!!! So, this means I’ve got to get my (overstuffed, due to Thanksgiving LOL) butt in gear and get things finished up – ASAP!!!! Every year, I swear that “This Year” I’m going to finish things earlier, and not put myself into a last minute tizzy getting the finishing touches on everything…..and every year, a big TIZZY is exactly what I put myself into. Maybe, someday, I’ll learn…..but, probably not 🙂  However – it’s good to have goals – LOL

   So, it’s off to the “Day Job” I go…..hi-ho, hi-ho. Then this afternoon it’s into the studio I go – with no phone, and I’m locking myself in to get as much done as possible!!! Goals – remember?!? LOL.

   Hope Y’all have a great day! Stay safe out there, and I’ll talk to Y’all later 🙂


Thanksgiving naptime


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