Morning everybody!!

   Well, the Christmas Lighting Frenzy is ALMOST over….at least it would be if I’d quit changing the layout. I tried out the LED lights on the roof this year (the Cool White ones) instead of my normal icicle lights – and I HATE them…. So, they are being replaced by colored LED lights. The white ones are a ghostly white that reminds me of an airport runway/landing strip…good for Santa’s landing strip in the field, but ugly on my house!!! Most of the trees are decorated, the shrubs and several of the flower beds – but there are still a few more to go yet….

   The kids (all my “adopted” teenagers/son’s friends) are coming over today after church so that we can get the decorating all finished up (they LITERALLY begged me to let them help – like I was gonna say NO!?!). This way we should also be able to get the inside all decorated, and the Christmas tree up. Then I will be able to devote more time (hopefully) to finishing up all of the Christmas Projects. YAY!!! I did opt out on one of the gifts this year – the toy was just TOO COOL, and I know I’d rather get it than a quilt if I were a little kid 🙂 , I bought the COOLEST toy for one of the kids – it’s interactive and right now the hardest part is not playing with it myself!! I had to hide it in a closet because everyone who walks by it JUST HAS to push buttons on it or talk to it, and it would be bad for the little guy to open it up on Christmas and have the batteries be dead!!! Auntie Shady would be a BAD Auntie if I allowed that one! I don’t think he’d EVER forgive me 🙂 .

   I’m also gonna try to get my overly fluffy butt in gear and get mine, and my families, Christmas Cookie Recipes posted on here soon. So, be on the lookout under the “Recipes” tab/page for a new Christmas Cookies page. I’ll try not to overwhelm you with too many cookies to browse – but I’m not gonna make any promises.  🙂  Which reminds me…if you are looking for a certain recipe you remember from your childhood, or even one you have heard of but can’t seem to find, then just drop me a request in the comment area on this page (or the recipe page) and I will see if I have it for you 🙂 .

Untill next time, Y’all have a great day and stay safe out there!!




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