I’m supposed to be working….

Hey Y’all.

I took the day off from my “day job” so that I could spend the day working on Christmas gifts. So what am I actually doing? “Playing on the computer”!!! Actually, this all started by me deciding to go thru some more of my families old recipe books (no – I did not mean cookbooks, those are bound – these are notebooks with handwritten recipes for everything you can think of in them). I was actually looking for a certain recipe…..funny thing is, after going thru approx. 30 of these books, I can’t remember what I was originally looking for!!!! UGHHHH!!!

 Anyways, I did come across some of our more useful recipes that I think you, or your kids, would enjoy. So, I’ve spent the morning putting them up here under both the recipe and the craft sections, respectively. Take a gander, and see if there is anything that appeals to you, and feel free to request any “Lost” recipe you may be looking for. I can almost bet you that I probably have it 🙂 , and if I do I will be happy to post it for you!

The weather has started to take a colder turn for the worse around here – and now they have the audacity to say that we should be getting SNOW by tomorrow!!! Bite your tongue little scrawny red-headed weatherboy!!!! *chanting – “Warm, happy thoughts..Warm, happy thoughts..”

Well, it’s time for more coffee, and to get my fluffy butt to the sewing room…. So, Y’all stay warm and I’ll check back in with you later.


08 Ice Storm

Cold, Cold Go Away!!!!


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