“Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightfull…..”


   “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow….” You know you’re in trouble when its been around 35 degrees for the last 24 hours, scrawny red-headed weatherboy is forecasting a 40% chance of the white stuff, and you wake up in the morning with this song running thru your head!!!! AACCKKK!!!!!!! I love snow – just not the cold, the ice, the slush and the fools who “Think” they can drive in the stuff  ’cause their car is front-wheel drive and they are immortal!!!! Heaven help us all…..

snowey ice storm

Too Cold!!!

They only good things about this kind of weather are a warm fire, the promise of Hot Chocolate and a warm blanket on the sofa to watch the fire, and the smell of Christmas Yummies baking in the kitchen. So, I guess that means that it is time to break out the cookie recipes and start baking 🙂 I used to make cookies, LOTS of cookies, and give them away to EVERYONE I knew at Christmastime – 72 dozen one year was my record….I think I baked myself out that year. Since then I have only made a couple dozen – if any at all – at Christmas, and no more cookie gifts 😦 . However, me-thinks that I am getting the “cookie itch” back again. No, 72 dozen I will NOT make again, but a couple of dozen just for visitors (and maybe co-workers), and those muckrunning teenagers I know and love, would be okay – I think…..We’ll see…


Certain Dingledorffs I know are praying for snow so that they can go plow peoples parking lots and driveways…..me-thinks they just want to go play in the snow with their big toys! That’s fine, I however want no part of driving around in it unless I have to – and with the “day job” I already “HAVE TO”. I’m not interested in driving around in it any more than that, I’ll just stay home with my cocoa and blankie and be warm 🙂 . 

Christmas cookie recipes will be uploaded here in the next day or so, for anyone looking for some new ideas for their cookie swap or personal cookie tray this year. I will, eventually, get more quilty-stuff on here, probably most of it will be after the Holidays when things slow down a bit. Since I only created the site a little over a week ago, it’s actually coming along pretty well – I just don’t have enough time free to get everything done all at once. To make matters worse, this is our busiest time of year at “the day job” so I usually feel like I’ve been “rode hard and put away wet” by the time I get home. Which means all I want to do is take a HOT bath and a nap when I get done for the day – the last thing I usually feel like doing is computer work, or anything else for that matter…..sorry. 🙂  But, I will get it all done and organized eventually – I am determined!!!! LOL. In the mean time, take a look around, if you have any requests or suggestions leave me a comment, and I’ll see what I can do 🙂 .

Until next time, Y’all have a great day, and stay warm out there!!!



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