The Grinch was here!!!


Look what I found when I went into my office/library this morning!! 



Yes, you are seeing this right….the tree looks like a candy cane – with all ornaments and bows still attached!! It is an artificial tree, with a metal pole center!! Nothing was broken, only bent. What does this mean? Only 2 possiblities…..see, there are only 2 possible culprits……1 weighs about 13 lbs….. 



And the other weighs approx. 17 lbs…….. 



And HE is the one who’s laughing!!!!! 


Lil' Bit

Yes, that is a FULL-SIZE china cabinet he’s laying in front of – just to give you a better idea of his size!!!  🙂  

Somehow, “everyone” seems to have gotten the misconception that the tree is their own “super-secret hidey place” that someone has graciously adorned with shiny “balls” and assorted toys and lights for THEIR play/naptime pleasure!!! HAH – NOT!! Although I have repeatedly tried to inform them that the tree is “MINE!!!” they somehow only hear the word “YOURS”…. *sighs* Go figure……No wonder HE was laughing at me in the picture above!!!! 


Oh well…. 

I stopped listening to the scrawny-red-headed-weatherboy, the forecast here seems to be changing every 5 min. (which is normal for south-central Missouri) and the best guess they can give us is basically “It will snow sometime during the next 4 days, with a chance of 1/2 to 6 inches of accumulation”….OK!!! That’s helpful. 


Busy day in the works for today: I have to get the cooking/baking done for the day, Church this morning, a quick stop by the store on the way home, possibly swing by MawMaw’s and Popa’s if they are home and the weather holds, and then the beginning of a 72 hour sewing marathon……YEAH!!!! I am Determined 🙂 to get everything done – wish me luck 🙂 


So, off I go – Hi Ho, Hi Ho…. Y’all have a great day, stay warm, throw some wood on the fire for me and I’ll talk to Y’all more later 🙂 




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