Progress and Happiness in the Mail!


Happiness came in the mail yesterday, and everyone got in on it! 🙂 The only “Cyber Monday” shopping I did resulted in a week of anticipation, drooling and “is it here yet?” on a daily basis. This was the one thing that I deemed a Christmas gift for me – everybody’s gotta have at least one of those at Christmastime!! 🙂 I decided mine this year was going to come from a friends store – it is some fabric he had designed that I loved, but had kept putting off getting since I was “supposed to be” working on stuff for everyone else, not for me……Well, it was time for me . 🙂 

Mark Lipinski's Krakow and Oakdale

Mark Lipinski's Oakdale and Krakow Line


And of course, I had to have a new coffee mug too!! 🙂  The mug actually says “Hello, Cupcake!!” on it, but you can’t read it all from the photo. LOL – now that I think about it, methinks that this is the LEAST amount of fabric I have ever bought at one time 🙂 LOL. So, I did keep it within reason. And when I said EVERYONE got in on the happiness, I do mean everyone. I got my fabric and mug, and the furry children got their favorite thing too… 

Mark's box 


A BOX!!!! Actually, for some reason, they always stand in line and fight over the boxes that come from Mark’s place, the boxes he sends me are the only ones that have that effect on them….maybe they smell Tulip, Petunia or Violet???? They won’t say, but that’s my guess. 😉 

I did actually get some work done however, and I thought I’d show you what the casserole carrier I designed looks like. I have never found one I actually liked (burnt fingers, strings to lose, too small, poor design in general, etc.) so one day I got frustrated and designed my own, that would work well no matter what size dish I needed to transport, and no dish could escape from. Not to mention, it would not be a problem to transport a dish that was just pulled from a 350 degree oven – without waiting for it to cool down first!! Now this one was my prototype that I made for myself several months ago – I can’t show you the ones I’ve made for gifts because the recipients read this blog 🙂 and I don’t want to spoil the surprise!! Take a look… 

The First Pink Bunny Casserole Carrier

Shady's Casserole Carrier


The First Pink Bunny Casserole Carrier

Shady's Casserole Carrier

So, for those of you who asked, this is what my Casserole Carrier looks like, and now you can see one of the items I’ve been working on . 😉 Shhhh… don’t tell, it’s a secret! 🙂 

Okay, well I guess that’s about it for the moment, coffee breaks over. Now it’s back to the sewing room, and Christmas Carols….FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA……… Y’all have a great day and I’ll talk to ya more later! 




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