Naked Trees and Thieves


Yet again, I had the distinct pleasure of waking up to a naked tree, and ornament thieves! While trying to stumble to the coffee pot I came upon the latest “soccer” game unfolding down my back hallway leading to my office. “Bang”, “bang”, “crash” were the lovely sounds emitting from what was once a hardwood floored hallway that had just been converted to a feline Pinball Game arena. The deep freezer, walls, tables and open folding Pantry doors having been transformed into bumpers, backboards and ball returns! 😦  As I scrambled to retrieve the flying red and gold (plastic) shiny and sparkly “balls” from their feverish game, without being taken out by one of them myself, I came around the corner and saw my tree….my once beautiful tree. Naked except for her lights, and a few desperately clinging poinsettia sprays (also fake – just so you know). She was still upright, which is a good thing because a 7 1/2 foot tall tree toppled across the doorway would not have been a good thing – especially since she was still plugged in!! But, there she was – pitiful, and missing all of her ribbons, ornaments, flowers and stars. Her lights hung on for dear life – but that was all. Everything else was in assorted piles and heaps on the floor around her, as if she had had the worlds worst “hotflash” and couldn’t shed her clothes quickly enough.

She was a pretty tree....

Now, it was bad enough that she had to deal with a visit from “the grinch” a few days ago (her top STILL won’t stand perfectly straight!), but to add insult to injury, she now was disrobed!! I gathered all the “balls” up that I could find – I know there are still a few missing that “THEY” have stashed for just such an emergency as mom taking their toys away – and placed everything I could find back on the tree where it went. She still doesn’t look quite right.  However, at least she looks like a Christmas Tree again – for the moment. 🙂 I say that because the thievery has ALREADY began once again!! As I sit here the gray ringleader has already batted 2 glittery “balls” down and is taking off for the hallway, dribbling the madly as he goes. My cries of “Stop It!! Not Yours…MINE!!” go unheeded, as if I were cheering them on instead, saying “Go Socks, Go!!”  😦  

Socks in Christmas Tree

Socks, Official Ornament Thief


So, it’s off to re-confiscate ornaments and get ready for work. Hope Y’all have a great day, and watch your ornaments….The Thieves are at large!!  



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