My Latest Screw-Up


Okay – “Big Bad Baker Woman” has done it again!! I KNOW BETTER, and yet what do I do – UGGGHH!!!  *hanging head while shaking it in unbelief* I set out to make some loaves of Amish Friendship Bread for gifts, and a few for this house as well. All started out well, I’ve made this bread hundreds of times (literally) and can pretty much recite the recipe in my sleep – which became the problem. Because I know the recipe so well, and always keep everything on hand to make it, I was lazy and broke the “Cardinal Rule” of baking – assemble all of your ingredients first so that you have EVERYTHING that the recipe calls for right there and you’re not missing anything!! 

Yup – you guessed it – I plowed thru the recipe, throwing everything in the bowl as I went, until I got to the second to last ingrediant….The Baking Soda!!! Someone had hijacked my box of Baking Soda from the baking cabinet (yes, I have 4 kitchen cabinets dedicated to nothing but spices – go figure), and I already knew I had used the last box in the pantry last week. I tore the kitchen apart for about 20 minutes trying to run down the missing box, to no avail. I even tore apart the pantry baking shelves just to double-check that there was not a stray box hiding in there!!! NOPE, all gone…. Now keep in mind I have a HUGE bowl of batter sitting on the counter (enough for 4 loafs) and no Baking Soda!!!!  😦 This is bad – really bad!!! So, rather than trash the batter, I did what any desperate baker would do. I decided (knowing that the loaves wouldn’t rise and would be large heavy bricks) to go ahead and finish making and baking the loaves, and give the finished product to the dogs as dog treats . 🙂



Well, Glory to God, they turned out – ugly – but better tasting than they normally do with the complete recipe!! They WERE more cake-like, and denser than normal, but got rave reviews in the taste department!!! So, the gifts were saved, and I’m on my way to the store today for more Baking Soda….just in case I’m not brave enough to make the next batch without it.  🙂 


Until next time – Happy Baking, and may all of your “screw-ups” be tasty!!!



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