My Elves have run away!! Far, far away with their arms waving wildly above their heads, and screaming all the way. They have abandoned me. 😦 

 Reportedly, according to the other quilters I have spoken with, all of our Elves have flown the coop!! Allegedly, they are all congregating at some Super-Secret Elf Party at a beach Tiki Bar somewhere in the Bahamas, the Caribbean or Hawaii – we’re not sure since they wouldn’t tell us EXACTLY where they were headed!! In fact, the last time any of us saw them, they were shouting “NO MORE!!!” and running for dear life. No destination details were divulged during this mass exodus, for fear “We” would follow them, and drag them back to finish their chores!!


Blasted Elves!!! 


I wonder if there is still time to request replacements for the little buggers??? Probably, not…not to mention that the replacements probably wouldn’t come if they have had ANY contact at all with our Renegade Elves… Drat!!! 


What are we going to do now?!?! There is shopping still to do, presents still to wrap, cookies still to bake, Christmas cards still to address and mail, tops still to be quilted, errands still to run, deep cleaning still to do….AACCKK!! 



I wonder if there is still a free table at that Tiki Bar…I’m Thinking Hawaii – Who’s with me?!?!?! Watch out Elves, here we come!!!!!! 


See ya There!! Y’all bring the sunscreen 🙂 



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