Border Patrol….


The Border Patrol was on active duty last night – ALL NIGHT!!! What does this mean??? It means that some intruder decided it would be fun to play hide-n-seek with the Border Patrol…..bad idea! 😦 The Border Patrol takes her job VERY seriously – and I do mean VERY SERIOUSLY! Anyone who has ever been blessed with a Border Patrol of their very own will vouch for this fact. This particular Patrol has been on duty for 17 years now, and there is not much she has not seen, there is also not much she hasn’t captured. Big intruders, little intruders, even (I think – but don’t tell her) imaginary intruders. The evidence of these intruders can occasionally be found the next day, or maybe I should say what’s left of the intruders…. 😛  Never a mouse has escaped the wrath of the Border Patrol. She is very efficient at her job, and very tenacious as well…..just ask several of my plants and flowers that have made the punishable mistake of trying to harbor her prey!!! Actually, nevermind – they are no longer with us. 😦 


The Border Patrol does have back-up however, she trained them herself. 


There is SGT. Shepherdbeagle whos’ main job is to look tough, bark BIG and howl at ALL passing Ambulances (fire and police are not acceptable because it could be one of OUR vehicles, and that would be considered bad form). SGT Shepherdbeagle is very useful however, in taking down illegal perimeter breachers that are larger than the Border Patrol….hense, his main job is backup. You don’t argue with the Border Patrol!! 


Then there is PVT Boggy. His main job is to bark BIG (think Great Dane here) and rescue all toys from possible thieving intruders. 


Last but not least is Special Agent Chester. His main job is to post watch on all elevated positions, and dispatch any intruders that get past the Border Patrol. 

So, as you can see, the perimeter is secure and under constant surveillance at all times, except for now when Border Patrol is snoring in the garage due to her overly long shift. Her underlings are temporarily in charge. It would just be nice if the intruders were more respectful of the posted “business hours”, and only attempted to breach security during the daytime…Sheesh… Border Patrol (I know) would appreciate it.  🙂 

Have a great day, and watch out for those intruders!!! 




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