Craziness and an aching back….


Soapbox time….remember that “naughty list”??? This post will probably insure my place upon it – but it HAS to be said! 

Okay – we are ALMOST there! I love Christmas, it’s actually about the only Holiday that I decorate for. The only problem is – it’s the most exhausting Holiday of all, in more ways than one. There is so much to do, so many people to see, work is CHAOS this time of year (imagine a Postal Type Job here), there are never enough hours in the day, and sleep comes at a high premium. You can tick people off in the simplest of ways, everyone seems to think that they should be in charge of planning your schedule, and it is so easy to hit that “wall” of exhaustion (mentally AND physically) that you can lay down to get some sleep (finally) and not wake up for 12 – 14 hours with no problem – and just want to go back to bed once you’re awake!! The kicker seems to be those people who get offended at you if you’re not moving as fast as they “think” you should (because they are in a hurry, and you shouldn’t be wasting THEIR time on anyone elses problems), or worse – you’re not DOING everything that they think you should! 

I love this time of year, but this year especially, I think that there are more than a few who need some attitude adjustments – QUICK!!!! This Holiday is about celebrating, and being thankful for, the birth of Jesus. Period. It is a time to spend with those that you love, those who are lonely, those who have no-one, those who feel like no-one cares, those that this too-busy world has forgotten or thrown-away. It is a time when we FEEL like giving to others in some way – like God gave to us – out of appreciation for all we have and have been Blessed with. It is NOT a time to be selfish, judgemental, hateful, condescending, rude, pushy, mean, and greedy!! Some people are that way enough of the time the rest of the year – GIVE IT A REST!!! We all know that you think that YOU are more important than ANY other human being alive – please forgive us if we don’t all agree with you, and bear with us as we try to Bless someone else with an extra moment of our time! Thank you for your consideration on this matter. It is MY blog, and I can say what I want – deal with it pumpkin! 

Okay, whew!!! Soapbox done. I apologize to those I’ve just offended, but it had to be said. Bad behavior is NOT your right as an adult, it is what we USED to punish children for – and now we teach it to them by example (“See how mean and rude Mommy can be to that stupid person?”) think about it!!!! 

So, Santa, I’ve been naughty by pointing out others transgressions. Please remove me from your “nice” list, and I’ll try to be better for next year. Unless you agree with me, that is….in that case, I’d still like that vacation 🙂 

Merry CHRISTmas. 


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