Whew – we made it!!

Well, it’s the day after Christmas, and we all made it thru! Now it’s time to rest a bit – except for those of us who have to go back to work already.   😦

I should be taking it easy on the quilt projects for a little while yet – but NOOOOO. Guess who already has 4 quilt projects in the works, and 5 more planned/drawn up?!?!?! UGH!! I think I need professional help 😉  Maybe I should start my own branch of  “Quilters/Fabric-Fondlers Anonymous”.  Problem is, I need to be attending those meetings – not leading them!! Oh well, at least this way I have goals, LOL.

I’ve decided that Mamaw is the most efficient “Undecorator” that I have ever seen! In less than 12 hours the woman had COMPLETELY undecorated an entire 3 bedroom house, hauled it all down to the storage area, cleaned up the house and made it look as if Christmas had never occurred!!!! WOW!! Now keep in mind that this same house had just hosted the family Christmas party with 4 younguns under the are of 13, 5 teenagers and 11 adults (and all but 9 of those same people were actually staying there!!). Oh yeah, and to top that off – she did it all by herself while everyone was out for the day!! We had our family Christmas Party last Sat. so no – she didn’t do all this last night, that was just when the witnesses told me about it!! The woman should get an award I tell ya…I’m doing good to have my tree down by Valentines Day, and my outdoor lights down by Easter!! Seriously, true statement!!

So, I guess that right there gives me my first New Years Resolution….to get all MY Christmas decorations taken down in a more timely manner….but they’re SOOOO pretty *whiny voice and pouting*.  🙂

Anyways, I guess I’d better go get the day started, and MAYBE I’ll think about putting away a few of my decorations later on today. Now don’t get excited – I only said MAYBE!! LOL

Y’all have a great day and enjoy those twinkly lights!!



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