Creativity + Inspiration = OBSESSION

Creativity + Inspiration = OBSESSION!!!

Yes – I said obsession, and any truly creative person knows EXACTLY what I am talking about too. Believe you me! You see something that creates a spark within you and wakes up your creativity, and the next thing you know – obsession sets in. Your mind becomes focused non-stop on this latest endeavor, and you suddenly find yourself searching out all of the “things” that you need to create your latest obsession, and off you go!

My latest creativity spark is the “fault” of Miss Pat – at least that’s the excuse I’m using – LOL. Sorry Miss Pat.  🙂  After previewing all of her yarns that she had lying around, trying to decide what she was going to do with them, I suddenly found myself “itching” to play with some of my own!! The Crochetbug lifted its ugly head and bit me square on the butt – again!!

 Mamaw had taught me how to crochet somewhere around the age of 2 or 3 – probably to keep me out from underfoot while she was sewing – more to keep my nosy self from playing with her machine is more like it! At least for a year or two that is.  🙂  Anyways, after I was bit by the Quilting bug about 10 years ago, I kinda forgot about crocheting and abandoned all of my yarns in a back closet. Occaisionally adding a few new ones, but never doing anything with any of them. That’s where they’ve languished until now, all lonely and forgotten. Now, after Miss Pat’s yarn drooling session, I suddenly find myself itching to make some new scarves! No, not the functional keep-your-nose-from-freezing-off kind that are synonymous with winter type scarves. I’m talking about the you-wear-these-instead-of-a-necklace type accessory scarves. I have a couple, and have been looking for some more for several months now, but have been unable to find any I like. So, when you can’t find it – make it!!  🙂

Here’s what I’ve dug out so far, with a couple of new ones thrown in, that I  am getting ready to work with:


Whatcha think?

Pretty huh!?!?!?



So, the hooks are all gathered, no patterns required – never could read those blasted things anyways!! Let the fiber-fondling begin!! Weellll, just as soon as I can make some spare time – maybe tomorrow…today I think I’ll just pet them and drool.  🙂

Ahhh…My Pretties!!   🙂

Happy stitching!


Oh yeah – P.S.  I think I have everything organized with the search parameters for this site, so the name shall stay the same!! Yay!!! I really liked the name….didn’t wanna change  🙂  Talk to y’all later


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