Woo Hoo – I’m Back!!

Just a quick note to let Y’all know that I am still here, and didn’t forget you!

A certain “dingledorf” in this household (you know who you are  😉  ) was gaming on the computer and picked up a bug that took the computer out! After almost 36 hours of salvage and reconstruction and removable drives – even WITH 2 anti-virus programs running (yes, it was a brand spanking new BAD BUG – and of course I get to be one of the very first ones to get to “try it out”!!! Woo Hoo….NOT!! See McAfee’s website for this latest bugger), my brain is on computer language overload!! Hense all of the run-on sentences and punctuation overuse.  🙂

 There are also now new computer/rules – main new rule is NO GAMING on MY computer, only on yours!! LOL  Also, NEVER enter CODES to go to new “game levels”!!!!  😦   In all fairness, prior to this there was only 1 computer….but still!!  “Off with his head!!”  LOL .  Just kidding – maybe. 

So, it’s been a long day, it’s now midnight30 and my brain is done. Therefore, I have nothing comical, interesting or witty to write – I’ll write one of those posts tomorrow – promise.   🙂 

In the mean time, I’m off to LaLa Land

Nighty-night Y’all!!


One Response to “Woo Hoo – I’m Back!!”

  1. Richard Farmer Says:

    Hi Shady…if you are on yahoo messenger give me a hollar sometime. I’m steelguitarplayer1969.

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