What Double Digits Below Zero Looks Like…

How about an informative photo post? Do you mind? I thought I’d show you what double-digit temps BELOW zero looks like – without any windchill – in Mid-Missouri… Now keep in mind, these were all taken as soon as the sun came up, or within a few hours thereafter (YES – we finally had SUN!!!) and there had been no wind all evening, so basically – the air froze.

Poor Peach Tree  😦

Poor Rose of Sharon….

My Frozen Rose Bush…







Enough frozen mess??? I think so…and this wasn’t even an ice storm! Trust me – you don’t even want to see what those look like around here!!

The good news is that in typical Missouri fashion, in less than 24 hours – we have a 50 degree temperature difference. Yup, at 3 AM my thermometer here was reading 29 degrees ABOVE zero!! So, in a few hours, once the sun comes up, we should start thawing in earnest. YAHOO!!!

So, enjoy the photos, stay inside if you can and think “warm, happy thoughts”!! I know that I would, if I could!!  😉 

**NOTE: I just came across a REALLY cool blog post by a lady who lives at NORTH POLE, ALASKA and she had posted some amazing picts of what 50 DEGREES BELOW ZERO looks like….go take a look!!!! 

Arctic Stamp Diva



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