Mean Mom!!!


You are a MEAN MOM!!! 

Lil Bit 

We cats are depressed – and it’s all YOUR FAULT!!! 


You took away our joy and happiness – our reason for getting up in the morning (other than our Tunafish, that is)…… 


YOU TOOK OUR TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Big Meannie!!!! 

Our beloved tree is gone 😦  Our pretty “soccer balls” have vanished.  😦  No more fun stuff for us to abscond with….. 


No more tree to hide under for surprise ambushes…..BIG MEANNIE!!! 

Lil Bit 

How dare you!! Why did you take our toys and super-secret-hidy-place away?!?! What have we ever done to you??? 

Felix and Lil Bit 

I mean – REALLY?!?! It’s OUR STUFF for crying out loud!!! 


YOU let those boxes in that ate our toys! YOU let that bag in that ate OUR tree!!! What were you thinking woman?!?! 


Will they EVER come back?!? Where did they go!?!?! I MUST go find them!!!Ooohhh….the nerve of you!!! It’s all your fault!!! Our beloved tree – it’s all gone!! Gone I tell you!!! despondency and sadness….  😦  Sad, sad day…..our lives will never be the same, and it’s all your fault – MEAN MOM!!! 

Fiona Midget 

Now you must pay for your actions you bad woman!!!! Shame on you!! And by the way, where did you say your yarn was stashed???? 

yarn for scarves 

I’m just saying………


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