My run in with “Every Granny”

I needed a Quilt Shop Fix. I was feeling….Blah. You know, that “somethings not rightly aligned with the universe” type feeling, like something’s missing??? I needed connection with another “Live” grown-up type who would indulge my Hookey-Playing Ways that morning, and some quality fabric petting time. So, I loaded my fluffy butt up in the jeep and off to the closest LQS I went – 1 hour drive each way (closing for good at end of month, which makes the next closest shop 1 and 1/2 hours away – one way). I went in to indulge in my Fabric-Fondling Obsession and malady….and suddenly – SHE appeared!!

 Not right in front of me – the next aisle over. I heard this familiar voice. This spunky, feisty, ornery, opinionated, “I’m old enough to say what I want” and  ‘I Don’t  Give Two Hoots and A Holler about WHAT You Think”  type voice.  🙂   OOOHHHH how I’ve missed that voice!!! I used to hear “that voice” all the time before Mamaw went Home to be with the Lord….. It was soooo nice to hear “that voice” again!! Then, she started telling us her thoughts on certain matters. I moved in closer to listen to, and receive, her Sage Advice on life’s little matters….

A slight, sprite of a woman, barely 5 feet tall (with hairdo), gray-haired, slight remnants of a summer tan, and healthy looking (obviously the outdoorsy farmer type – which she admittedly was upon questioning) with a voice that rivaled any man’s booming voice. It was with that voice, that she announced to all who would hear “I won’t live long enough to finish everything I’ve got fabric for now…..But, I love that Blue Bali fabric. I’ll have to have some!”. When her lady friend who was accompanying her said “Me too….but, HE might give me grief about bringing home anymore.”  To this statement “Every Granny” replied – loudly “To heck with HIM!!! Men don’t ask us when THEY want something!! If they want a new chainsaw, or fishing rod, or gun, or fishing boat THEY don’t come ask us first – THEY JUST GO BUY IT!!!!” To this statement by “Every Granny” every woman in that shop (there were about 20 of us covering the entire age range and spectrum) nodded their heads in agreement, uttering several “That’s right” comments under their breath. “Every Granny” continued, sliding up closer to me with a knowing look in her time-worn eyes and sweetly, but loudly, continued saying  “Why should we be any different when we see something we want – ESPECIALLY since what we want is a whole heck of a lot cheaper than THEIR toys are!!” as she winked at me, the glimmer of orneryness in her eyes. 

I smiled at “Every Granny” in agreement, and appreciation. Suddenly, the universe aligned, all felt right with the world, and “Every Granny” and I picked out some fabric we liked, all the while chatting about possible projects that we could use it for.

Not one woman left that shop without purchasing several yards of fabric that day! A couple (like me) even left with new sewing machines – because, like “Every Granny” said – “Sometimes we just need to do something for ourselves!”. I couldn’t agree more “Every Granny”, and I Thank You from the bottom of my heart for reminding us all of that very fact!!! God Bless You!!


P.S. There are no picts with this post because, well, it would have just been rude.  🙂   Happy Quilting   😉


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