Must Protect The Mama!!!

My Orange tree is right on schedule – she doesn’t know that it’s winter here…

I am not going to tell her……

A happy, quiet existence soaking up the early morning sun – until THEY appeared….

Why were THEY being so pushy and taking over the window????

“Who? Us?”                    

Yes – YOU!  🙂

“But they’re here Mama!!! We have to defend you!”

Defend me from who??

 “From THEM!!! Silly Mama”

“Don’t you see them Mama? They’re right outside the window!!!”

“Don’t worry Mama, we’ll protect you from them!!”

“They may be laughing now – but WE’LL take care of’em for you!!”

Oh really?

“Oh yes Mama, you should see how very scary we can be when they look at us!! Go See for yourself, silly Mama.”

Umm, OK……


Yup, purty scary….

Okay – I can see now that you can be scary to the big bad birdies. Thank you for protecting me…..but where did Minxie go?

“She’s having an identity crisis again Mama. You really need to talk to her.”

Uh huh….

Anyone know of a good Cat Psychiatrist????? 😉 

Oh well……..



2 Responses to “Must Protect The Mama!!!”

  1. Kim and Kris Says:

    We just wanted to stop by and thank you for your nice comments on our blog today! We are excited about the new webshow and appreciate your support! It was fun to take a look at your blog. You are a great photographer and take such beautiful pictures!

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