1 Rabbit…or 100?

Okay. I know this post is not of my normal subjects (as if I “normally” have a specific subject. LOL) However, this is just too confounding to not share.

I generally will see 1, or maybe 2, rabbits running amuck out in the front yard when I leave for work in the wee hours of daylight. However, what I found out front a few days ago dumbfounded me! The reason being that there were no footie prints out there the day before. The Border Patrol (Sarah Beagle) and her Underlings had been going nuts all night long, and I’ve NEVER seen what I saw that morning! Have a look for yourself…..

Rabbit Footie Prints!! 100’s of them…

Where did they all come from? Where did they go?????

Did they have a family reunion and not invite me? How rude…..

Border Patrol was no help….

Neither were the Underlings….

Hopefully they will invite me to the party next time. Fluffy is already wearing her party dress….see…

What a picture that would be…..100 rabbits, and Ms. Fluffy! Hehehe  🙂 

Until then, we can only imagine who all of these belong to…

And why they didn’t invite us….  🙂  



One Response to “1 Rabbit…or 100?”

  1. planejaner Says:

    i love wild animal conundrums–made all the more mysterious by their happenings in a nocturnal fashion!

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