Spring, and Varments

I came home the other day to find all of my wild birds in a tizzy in the front yard. Since I had just refilled all of the feeders the evening before, I knew it wasn’t them cussing me out (like normal) for allowing their feeders to be empty.

And, sure enough, that wasn’t the reason.

This was…..

Yup, a varment was in their ground feeder – and they were NOT happy!

Now, I know that squirrels in birdfeeders are not anything out of the ordinary. However, at my house – they are. You see, I have no mature trees anywhere close to the house on the property, and Border Patrol and the Underlings find squirrel meat quite tasty. So, squirrels don’t exist here in my yard – at least not long enough to find a bird feeder!

They’re fired! Border Patrol and the Underlings that is……

They must’ve been sleeping on the job. Again!

Yup – they’re fired! No biscuits for them!!

THEY can explain to the birds why let the intruder thru the lines.

I’m not so sure the birds will really want to hear it…

They won’t care.

“Excuses, excuses” they’ll say….

Oh well……

Anyhow, at least things have thawed out around here (including most of the lake), so now the ducks can stay on the water. Where they belong.

As oppossed to walking down the roadways and wondering why YOU are in THEIR way.

Wacky Ducks……

They’re better off in the lake….

Some of the coves are still a bit frozen from our 2 weeks of teens and 20’s degree temperatures, but they are getting better.

With about 1700 miles of shoreline to thaw out, it tends to take a little while (I live on the largest man-made lake in this part of the country – hence all of the “Tourist” references).

So, things are thawing, my yellow crocuses popped up yesterday, and the Robins are back. Hope for warmer weather springs eternal. Warmer weather to us around here is anything over 60 degrees, it’s been in the 30’s here for far too long (well, not including our 2 week cold snap)! 

 Just in case you were wondering, our winter here is really January and February only! That is more than enough winter for us, Thank you very much!

We’re spoiled that way .  😉 

Heck, by mid-march I normally have a tan…..I think I’m gonna be running late this year.  😦

But, all is looking up, and now (if you’ll excuse me) I’ve gotta go patrol the bird feeders. What with Border Patrol being fired and all.  🙂  Dadgummed varments!!

Have a great day!



2 Responses to “Spring, and Varments”

  1. jane Says:

    Shady! What fun to wake up on the other side of the US and “see” what’s happening where you are! The Cardinals are gorgeous! I don’t think we have them here…alas, I am “stuck” with a bald eagle that calls a tree across the street from my house his home…thanks for sharing!

    • shadybrooks Says:

      LOL – you are welcome!! We have several Bald Eagles in the area – but none want to hang out around my house 🙂 So, I just have to make do looking at the “bitty birds” LOL

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