Creativity Run Amuck…..


Okay, I have decided that I need to clone myself. I have way too many projects going all at one time, and way too many more that I want to start – like, yesterday! I heard someone say once that if you are a quilter then you must suffer from OCD, ADHD and ADD – just for starters! You can NEVER have just one project going at a time because you were always thinking about the next project, working on the next project already, or coming across a new idea or project that you just HAVE to try out! I can attest to all of the above, in several areas of my life, this week. 

One example is how I’ve managed to spend a lot of time playing in the kitchen this week. At one point, while mixing up something that I’ve made 100’s of times, I suddenly had a new brainstorm pop up! So now I’m  playing with combining flavors in baking that are normally reserved for my meal recipes.  The only hint I’m going to give you right now is that it combines sweet and spicy – in a baked good!! Looks shall be deceiving!! 

I’m not going to tell you too much about this one just yet, at least not until I actually get to try it out on a few volunteer Guinea Pigs first.  😉   After I have their taste buds seals of approval, I’ll let y’all in on it too.  🙂  I’ve just got a few more adjustments to make first! Hehehe…. 

As far as my quilting goes this week – that’s been a lost cause! I did however, manage to get 8 curtains made for a friend, 3 shirts “repaired”, a sewing machine cover created and am now in the middle of working on fixing another pair of curtains for  a relative!  🙂  The 3 finished quilt tops that I need to batt, back and topstitch are still sitting on my ironing board waiting for my attention, poor things. One day soon though, one day soon…. 

That is, if I quit cutting on the 2 other quilts that I’m also working on getting started right now! LOL   😉   I guess I really do fit all of the acronyms required to be “A Quilter”! LOL  And here I just thought I was scatterbrained!!  🙂 

Speaking of scatterbrained, I just remembered that I forgot to show you what the “finished” quilt top looks like that I made during the Camp Sloanie weekend! Actually, I had to participate in the “Extended Student Program” since I didn’t finish getting it all arranged and put together until 1 week later! I couldn’t decide on a block placement I liked, and “life” kinda got in the way that week – on top of everything else.  🙂  So, here it is for your perusal – just remember that it was a “stashbuster” (use what you’ve got), and it is going to be a gift when it is finished. Yes, it IS one of the tops sitting and waiting on me, just so you know.   😉   


Okay, that’s enough of a peek into my multi-directional, unfocused and highly disorganized crazy week.  I think I need a vacation, a stunt-quilter and a hot bubble bath. “Calgon, take me away”!!  LOL   😉 

Have a great night/day.  🙂 



2 Responses to “Creativity Run Amuck…..”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    I love the quilt top and I have one sitting ready to be finished as well. You sound a lot like me. Many interest and not enough hours in the day to try them all.. I haven’t tried the newest recipes yet but maybe this weekend. We are presently remodeling the basement and my sewing room so I am suffering from sewing withdrawal. I hope to be back up and sewing soon. I saw your gardening supply list and can’t wait to get started in the garden as well. I got my first new seed catelog last month and already it is dog-earred. By the way I like mult-directional, unfocused and highly disorganized crazy weeks – just not every week! I love your website.!!! Have a great weekend

    • shadybrooks Says:

      Thank you!! I deffinitally agree – we need many more hours in the day!! Good luck on your remodel, the sewing withdrawls can (almost) be worse than all of the drywall dust. 🙂 Hope your sewing room finishes up quickly for you!

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