No Words, Just Birds…

Yesterdays visitors – The Invasion. 

I had mass hysteria at every window in the house yesterday. Muckrunners foaming at the mouths, dancing around and emitting some absolutely gawdawfull sounds. Upon closer inspection, the following is what I found…..Everywhere!!! I thought you might like a peek.  😉  Enjoy!!









All Gone!!

Bye – Bye  Birdies!!!

Shady 🙂



4 Responses to “No Words, Just Birds…”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Love the photos! I could hear a cardinal this morning when I walked out of the house so of course I had to take time to try and spot where he was. You can tell spring is almost hear when you hear the birds singing in the morning.

    • shadybrooks Says:

      Thank You Jeanne! I agree, the birds singing and the cricket-bugs chirping yesterday sure made it sound like spring around here! It is supposed to be 71 degrees here today (where did THAT come from)?!?! I’m so thankful for the break from the 40 degree weather!!

  2. Amy from She Wears Many Hats Says:

    How fun is that! Right now we have a flock of blue birds in our yard – bright blue streaks of color flitting here and there. They’re so fun to watch.

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