Spring Colors!!


I thought the site needed a little freshening up for spring. Everywhere you look, you are starting to see all of these lovely shades of green, yellow, orange, pink, lavender and blue popping up. In fact, one of my birthday gifts came in a bag with tissue paper exploding out of it in ALL of these colors – a Candy-Colored rainbow of sorts! It made me smile.  🙂 

So, I saved the bag (and all of its tissues) and have them sitting in my sewing room on a shelf. Any object/thing that makes me smile earns an automatic place in my sewing studio, or in one of my gardens!  🙂  These things give me inspiration. Whether that inspiration be for a new quilt design, quilt color combination, paint pallet for a room, garden design/theme, or what-ever – if it makes me smile, it stays!

I have many photos of colorful flowers, and assorted gardens, hanging around in my sewing room because the color combinations pleased me and gave me new ideas for a quilt. I have even kept several greeting cards over the years that either inspired me, or had patterns on them that I thought would be adorable as the topstitching on a quilt.

My question of the day for you is this…..”What inspires you”?

Is it photographs of scenery? Flowers? Sunrises? Tile Floor Designs?

Whatever it is, do share….

And may you find inspiration today everywhere you look!  😉 



2 Responses to “Spring Colors!!”

  1. Flying Gma Says:

    Scenery often inspires me. In Minnesota a crisp morning when all the trees and everything around them are covered in frost inspires me to take out my camera and go looking for the perfect picture. Inside what inspires me is a freshly cleaned room. Once one room is clean I am motivated to move on to the next. Springtime inspires me to get outside each day to check out the growth of all of my flowers and enjoy the outdoors along with the birds singing.

  2. arlijohn Says:

    I must admit, Life inspires me. I like those unlooked for moments such as when the perfect sunset appears in my rearview mirror and I have to stop and watch. Or when a toddler tumbles to the ground and stands back up laughing. Those are the moments of inspiration.

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