What A Day, What A Week…

I am writing this from my backyard today (hence, no photos). I decided to take a break from the world, and claim a day for myself – or at least, that was the plan. However, even the best laid plans don’t always seem to work out the way we want them to.
That’s okay, I suppose. I wanted today to be a day where I just rested, lounged around in my pajamas, played in my sewing room and did something creative, and mindless; just for me. This past week has been a horrific, constant mental and psychological battle with enough real-life stress thrown my way that since Sunday morning (today is Thursday for those of you reading this at a later date) I have only eaten a few bites of food 4 times. ME!!! The consummate, fluffy-butted chocoholic! I have no appetite, food holds no interest for me right now – even after breaking down and making my favorite comfort food pasta the other day. I had to cook up the thawed chicken anyways so it wouldn’t go to waste. Frugality and all, prohibits me from throwing out 10 pounds of perfectly good chicken just because I have no appetite!

Anyways, back to the subject at hand….where was I? Oh yeah, my day so far (please indulge my myriad ramblings – I told ya I wasn’t myself today, or at least I should have! LOL).
I did get to have a bit of coffee this morning, check my emails and Facebook info, and see the sun come up. Then I found out I had to run to town to return a baking dish to a friend, who needed it to make a birthday surprise for another friend, since I had forgotten it yesterday.  😦  Then the local Paper and Janitorial Supply Company, just down the road, decided that they should have a first-alarm fire at 8:30 in the morning while I’m running this errand (Think JANITORIAL SUPPLY = industrial chemicals, and LOTS of them)!! By the time I made it back home, I decided it was time for a HOT shower, and to just go back to bed and start over. Problem was that by the time I got out of the shower, THE SUN came out!!!! We here in South-Central Missouri have not seen SUN in well over a week!!!

So, I decided I needed to investigate this phenomenon in the sky with a cup of coffee for a bit.
I investigated it for about an hour and a half, while observing strange feathered flying objects flitting (say that 3 times as fast!!) across my backyard. I say “strange” due to the fact that their feeders are empty right now, which usually causes feathered hissy-fits that Alfred Hitchcock would be proud of. Today, they could have cared less!!!! They found WORMS!!!
Then, I went and took a nap.

Now, coffee in hand, I am trying to start the day over. Hopefully I will make it to that sewing room yet, we’ll see……
In the mean time: I am listening to the birds, sitting in the sun, having a VERY strong cup of coffee (the ONLY kind for me – LOL), trying to not think of the future conversations that I shall have to deal with, and enjoying some un-stressed peace and quiet. Maybe for all of my planning, today hasn’t turned out so bad, so far, after all!  🙂 

The good news is that I’ve dropped a pant size, maybe 2, this week. So, there is an upside!!

And, to all of you who felt compelled to comment or email me your words of encouragement and care this week, I wanted to say “Thank You” yet again. It has really ment a lot, and came just when I needed some “lifting-up”. Thank you, my friends. May God richly, and abundantly, Bless you all for that!!! I won’t forget it  🙂 




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