48 Hours and 45 Degrees Difference

Exactly 48 hours ago it was 75 degrees here, and our world in South-Central MO looked like this…..

And this (above photos)….

Now, it has been hovering at freezing for 24 hours, and looks like this…..

And this….

That’s ALL ICE by the way……


All I can say is “YUCK”!!!!!!!!

Stay warm.



2 Responses to “48 Hours and 45 Degrees Difference”

  1. flyinggma Says:

    Yuck indeed!! Although I did like the sight of tulips coming up in your pictures. It will be weeks before we see them in Central Minnesota unless it warms up earlier and warmer than usual. I can’t wait to see the ice off the lakes around here, something about seeing blue waters and hearing waves washing up on shore signals spring for me. Have a great week! Jeanne

  2. planejaner Says:

    ahh…fickle Spring…beguiling us with her myriad charms, then turning a cold shoulder…giving us a peek at the warmth and promise of her abundance, then rolling over at bedtime to say “I’ve got a headache.” I guess that is part of why we love her so…
    thanks for the pics!

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