Night Photography

We had quite a windstorm here last night, and since it was starting to blow the petals off of my Plum trees, I decided to TRY to take a few photos before the blooms were all gone…

Now yesterday afternoon, the blooms had just started opening, and by 10:00 PM last night – this is what the trees looked like. Then the 30 – 40 mph wind gusts REALLY kicked up. It had been very windy here all day, with 20-30 mph wind gusts, and several resulting Brush Fires. By 10pm last night, there were tornados on the ground a couple of counties over, and nasty winds and cloud to ground lightning shows here. I just knew that I’d have no blooms left on the trees by morning, so I attempted what I had never had any success at before – night photography…..

With a very bright back porch light, and my lil’ ol’ flash on my Canon, I don’t think they came out too badly. What do you think?????

The petals were being blown off of the trees even as I took these, and by this morning about half of the blooms were gone. So, I’m glad I got a few picts before they got “stripped”. Now, luckily, several of the blooms had not opened yet, so I may not even notice the damage in a few days. That would be a good thing, then I can get some pretty daytime photos.  😉  

The Peach, Cherry, Pear and Apple trees are next in line for blooms……can’t wait!!!   🙂  

 Have a great day!!



One Response to “Night Photography”

  1. Cindy Parker Says:

    Awesome night pictures, Shady!

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