Super Secret Squirrel Stuff!!

Ok, I can’t show you exactly what I’m working on at the moment since it is for a book submission – but, I can give you a little peek at what I’m using for it….   😉    The only hint I can give you is that I’m not making quilts this time.  🙂 

The fabrics for this one are “Clara” by P & B Textiles (top fabric), and “WaterColours” by Alexander Jullien – this one is from my stash, about 4 years old, and not your standard quilt shop fare (it was supposed to be a sheet) – but it matches nicely for its purpose.

And this one…..isn’t it gorgeous!!!

These fabrics Liz and Beth (the Lizzie B Cre8ive girls) sent me a couple of months ago from their new fabric line “Whimsyland” for Henry Glass. I just LUV them!!! I’ve been saving these fabrics (actually it’s a bundle of Fat Quarters, but these 2 fabrics are the one’s that I’ll be using right now) for something special. Now,  I’ve went and designed something that I think this fabric is PERFECT for!!! So, I’m going to use THEIR fabrics to make it !!  🙂  So exciting!!

 They are such AWESOME ladies, who are too much fun!! In fact, they are going to be in Paducah at “THE Quilt Show” on April 21 – 24 at the new Pavillion in Booth # 4322, so everyone stop by and tell them “Hello”!! Just look for “Whimsyland”, and “follow the smell of fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies”!!! Seriously!! That’s the directions they are giving to their booth   😉  

In the mean time, I’ve got to get back to work, so y’all behave and I’ll check back in later.   😉 




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