All Grown’d up…Senior Prom


Ohhh Alex, my boy…….He’s such a ham!!!  Yup, it’s official – I feel OLD!! Last night was my boy’s Senior Prom, so this week has been a little crazy, but it was all worth it!  😉  


Aren’t they just the cutest couple?!?! Not a bad way for them to celebrate their 1 year Anniversary.  🙂   

However, don’t let her sweet face fool you – she keeps him ‘in line” LOL. 


She’s actually a real, true sweetheart – but it was just too much fun to make the Goofy Picts!!! We probably should have taken more of the serious ones – but we were having too much fun!! So, “Oh Well”.  😉  


Yes, a good “butt-kicken” should keep him outta trouble for a while.  🙂   


Thank you very much Miss. Ashlee!!! You did well.   🙂  


I’m so proud (sniff, sniff). 



2 Responses to “All Grown’d up…Senior Prom”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    I love the pictures from Prom. This weekend was Prom in our small town as well. I know what you mean about feeling old. Last spring our youngest of four graduated from high school. I turned 50 in January and became a Grandma for the first time in August. My grandson’s latest funny face expresses a lot of how I have felt in the last year through the many changes. Jeanne

    • shadybrooks Says:

      Congratulations on being a Grandma!!! Oh, and Happy belated Birthday too – however – NO WAY do you look 50!!! Wow, hope I can age so gracefully 😉 I think you could easily get away telling everyone that you’re AT LEAST 10 years younger than that!!

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