Sewing Day

Remember this? Well, it has changed a bit, but it is getting there. I’ve almost got 18 blocks completed – but if I’d quit changing things/fabrics I would be much farther along by now!! I keep adding things to it, so those little blocks are now finishing out at 14 inches!!!! They were originally going to finish out at 10 inches square….not 100% sure exactly what happened there – except that I kept find other fabrics that I just HAD to include…. Oh well!

I’ll take a picture for you as soon as I quit adding to them.  🙂 

I started out my day mending – yuck!!! BUT, my constantly repaired “Holey Yoga Pants” (totally accurate term adopted from Ree – Pioneer Woman) are just too comfy and loved to not keep saving them.  😉  Then I made 3 pot holders/trivets. Then I started working on those blocks again….Now it’s break time.   🙂 

While checking my online stuff I saw The Bitchy Stitchers post today – and proceeded to laugh my butt off! You’ve really gotta go over there and take a look at this one!  The Quilter’s Glossary. You’ll laugh too – too many of these definitions that she made up are way too true – and way too funny!! Go take a look!

Well, back to the sewing room I go. Y’all have a great day, and I’ll talk more later!



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