Lazy Bunny


First off, let me apologize for the Bunny who has NOT been in the kitchen very much over the last month – and because of this, has not posted any new recipes for you. Ms. Fluffy has been living on pasta, pizza, BBQ hamburgers and NO baked goods (other than Birthday cake). Not anything blog-worthy.  🙂 

She’s fired.

Well, okay – she’s not fired, but she better get her fluffy-butt back in the kitchen soon. I’m getting Hungry! Just because it’s Springtime and there is garden and yardwork to do (and the grill is no longer covered in snow) is no excuse – we (I) need BUTTER and SUGAR and CALORIES!!!!

So, I’m gonna see if I can coerce/convince her to whip up something yummy and fattening here shortly in the next day or so. Wish me luck!  😉 

Anyhoo, even though I want to neuter every dustbunny that has ever existed; am constantly fighting a green pollen “coat” on everything that sits still for more than 3 seconds; and wish all of the wasps, spiders and ants would go back into hibernation, I am glad it is finally Spring. I missed my flowers, and being able to sit outside in the warm sun, without a blanket! It’s so nice to not have to constantly run the furnace, and be able to keep the windows open all day (and some nights too). I forgot how nice it was to make dinner, and not have to deal with a sinkfull of dirty pots, pans and dishes when it was over. How nice it was to not have to warm up the car for 30 minutes every morning before you leave for work, and then scrape ice and snow off of it besides! How nice it was to not have to put on 3 layers of clothes and a coat, just to run to the store – or take the trash out! How nice it was to just sit outside and listen to the birds, the barking neighbor dogs, and kids screaming and playing – while sipping an iced tea, or your morning coffee.
I missed Spring – and I’m glad she’s back. Hopefully she’ll stay for a spell, even if it means that I don’t get many baked goods out of the deal. The Sunrises and Sunsets are worth it!

And the flowers too!  🙂 

Have a great day!



4 Responses to “Lazy Bunny”

  1. Cindy Parker Says:

    Shady, don’t you worry about not baking and such. Your stories are so heart-warming and uplifting that I don’t even miss the sugar, calories, & butter!!!! It’s always a pleasure to read your posts! Keep ’em coming!

    • flyinggma Says:

      I’m with you on missing Spring and my flowers as well. I love not having to wear multi layers of clothes or dressing my grandson warmly to the point he can’t move. My flowers aren’t as far along in Minnesota but I just love seeing green again and having my windows open again for spring breezes. Everyday there is something new to look at and I love falling asleep to the frogs singing in the nearby pond. I love your sunset and sunrise pictures. Jeanne

    • shadybrooks Says:

      Thank you Cindy!!

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