P.K.D. And A Friend In Need……

Hello again everyone.
Have you ever noticed how your mood affects how you see the world around you? When you are happy, you can find the humor in just about anything. When you are sad, depressed or just in a state of shock, the world holds no humor – it just “exists”? This is probably the worst part of it, because that is the time when you NEED to smile (or find humor) the most. Especially if you are trying to cheer someone else up, put on a “brave” face, or be the glue that helps to hold someone else together during their crisis. It is at these types of times, when you need to find humor and smile about something – anything – the most. It just is not always an easy thing to do. Oh, how I wish it was…

I wrote this post yesterday – but did not post it until now because #1) I wanted to make sure it was okay with the person I was writing about, and #2) he was still finding out information at that time. I wanted this to be as accurate and up to date as possible before I posted it. So, here it is….

I received news last night from a friend that he had went to the Doctor for a routine visit, had some blood work done, and got word he was in renal failure (the final stages) of PKD. Polycystic Kidney Disease. No symptoms, no fatigue, no warning.

The only warning he had ever gotten was when he was told several years ago that he had inherited this disease, but was fine – and may never have any effects of the disease, but if he did – there was a natural progression to it, with several stages involved. It is a disease that fills your kidneys with fluid-filled cysts, which (over time) causes them to become unable to filter your blood to remove wastes and fluids. The kidneys essentially, slowly, become so full of inoperable cysts that they shut down. Dialysis is a common future with the disease once it manifests. The extreme (final stage)is renal failure which only leaves 2 options – transplant, or death.

His son just turned 18, and is about to graduate. His heart is aching for his son, who is an emotional wreck (understandably so) because of this news. His partner is being tested for compatibility as a kidney donor even as we speak. He is a well-loved, extremely talented, giving, caring, amazing man who brings joy, laughter and the feeling of being loved to everyone who is Blessed enough to encounter him. He is a wonderful human being. He is a beloved father, son, companion and friend. The chance of a compatible live kidney doner……not so good.

He is O- blood type. This means he can only accept a kidney from another O- or O+ blood type. There is also a type A- subtype2 (whatever that means) that he can possibly accept a donor from, but none of us are completely clear on that types’ specifications, since none of us are Doctors. He does not smoke, was never a drug user (even in the 70’s), only rarely drinks, and has no other medical problems. But, he NEEDS a kidney – fast. The chance of him finding a suitable donor in time – is in the single digits.

I am not writing this to try to “get” any of you to be his donor. I wish it were that easy to find a donor, but the reality is that most of the people out there will only donate an organ when they are dead – not while they are still alive, unless it is for an immediate family member. That is the truly sad part. So many lives (from infants to older adults) could be saved if more people were willing to donate.

If you are one of the amazing, generous, caring individuals who would be willing to donate a kidney (or even bone marrow for those out there who are desperate need of that), to help save the life of someone you have never even met – PLEASE – contact your local healthcare provider, or local County Health Department, about being placed on the National Registry.
As the donor, there is generally no cost to you (from what I am told) for donation, other than a little “down-time”. The benefit is that YOU could be the answer to someones prayer. YOU could save someones Dad, someones Son or Daughter, the love of someones life. You could be their Angel, their new best friend.
Please, think about it, get tested, save a life.
God Bless you.
Thank you.

p.s. If, by chance, you are a blood type match of O- or O+ or the rare A- subtype2 and would like to be tested to see if you could help my friend (I wish I could, but I am not a match…) – please contact him on his blog site at www.marklipinskisblog.wordpress.com , the link is also on my sidebar under my BlogRoll. He does live in New Jersey, and I do not know how the travel issue works with organ donation, but that question is best answered by the parties,and Doctors, involved.
Thank You so much.


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