Creativity, Randomness and Switching It Up.

Ever notice how your creativity, and thought processes are tied in to your immediate surroundings? We’ll use me for an example: sit me in a cubical or office with no windows nearby, and I’m worthless in the writing department – or in the creativity thinking area of my brain. In fact, all I want to do then is take a nap!! Put me next to a window, in a well-lit room, or better yet – outside, and you can’t turn my brain off! Needless to say, I’ve held VERY FEW “desk jobs” in my lifetime, and those were short-lived and only done out of necessity. Even the couple of years I spent writing for the magazine, I spent more time with my laptop in a parked car writing the feature stories than I ever spent indoors. Luckily, the time I did spend indoors writing were spent in my home office – by my window.  🙂  The thoughts, designs, ideas, inspirations and details of things somehow weave themselves into something tangible so much more easily (for me) when there is sunshine, green grass, flowers and a fresh breeze involved. How about you? Try to switch things up sometime. If you usually are stuck inside and you seem to have hit a roadblock in the mental processes, move yourself (and your work – if possible) outside. See how much difference it makes for you. Sometimes when we are “stuck” in a project, a little change of scenery might be all you need to get those creative juices flowing again. Besides that, a little fresh air never hurt anybody. Now, I know it is BIGTIME allergy season right now (I suffer from them myself), so try not to go out during the middle of the day when the pollen is at its’ worst (like I normally do). But, do try it – you never know, it may just be the jump-start your brain needs to tackle that problem you have been wrestling with all day!  😉 
On an improbable, rambling, random side-note……I have decided that I have the weirdest animals around. How did I come to this conclusion you may ask? Well, let me illustrate…..

My cats –  who have 3 LARGE cat trees, 3 cat towers, innumerable scratching posts, and several logs (yes, I said LOGS) at their disposal 24/7 – ALL BITE THEIR NAILS!!!! No, I am NOT kidding! They will bite and pull the tips off of their nails, usually at bedtime, on a regular basis. Nevermind that they have been sharpening their claws all day on any number of the aforementioned items, they still feel the need to bite their nails at least once every couple of days! Try explaining that one.

The dogs, (well really it has always been just one dog – up until recently, when he convinced 2 of the others that they should participate) chase and eat (or try to) ANYTHING that flies! Think airplanes in the sky, butterflies, dragonflies, flies, and MOST deliciously – BEES and WASPS!!!! Someone please explain to me how a 165lb German Shepherd can consume upwards of 15 bees/wasps per day, NEVER seem to get stung, and constantly go back for more?!?!? He is an outdoor dog, who thinks that his goal in life is to rid the world of all flying things. This mindset of his has been present since birth, and after 7+ years of trying to convince him otherwise, I have given up! Yes, birds are even fair game, and to watch him leap up as high as he can to “get” the airplanes and choppers that fly overhead regularly is quite comical. However, the bees/wasps worry me. Although by now, I guess I shouldn’t really worry so much. He has ingested enough of them over his lifetime to have stocked several hives, thus ridding me of unwanted stings and agony. How he does it, I do not know. All I know for sure is that I have never seen a crocodile or gator (and yes, I’ve lived in ares with both) who has faster jaws than he does!! He will wait for them to fly by him (YOU try telling a bee to steer clear of THE DOG. LOL), then all you hear is the rapid-fire “chomp, chomp” of large teeth crashing together (he chews REAL tennis balls like we chew a piece of gum – in fact that’s how we refer to tennis balls around here – Gunnar Chewing Gum). The next thing you know, there is a bee/wasp laying on the ground in 2 pieces – for about 3 seconds, then it is dogfood!!

NOT your “Normal” pets!!

Anyways, back to the original subject of the day…. Now you see what I mean by “put me outside and…”! Yes, I’m writing this in my backyard, on my laptop. I couldn’t think of a thing to say to you sitting at my desk.  😉  Guess, I should write every post from my backyard.  🙂  Find what works for you creatively, and don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. Staleness, blandness, routine and boredom do not good writing/designing/drawing/creativity partners make! Listen to Auntie Shady and shake things up a bit – you’ll thank me for it later!  😉 

Do what you love, and Have a great day.


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