Playing In The Dirt….

Appolologies for my absence – but it is THAT time of year. The time when you have more dirt under your fingernails than a “shade tree mechanic” because every spare minute is spent digging, and mixing, and weed pulling, and mulching, and fertilizing, and etc., etc…..

But, the results are ohhhh soooo worth it!!

The local garden centers absolutely LOOOOOVVVVEEE me (my wallet, actually) this time of year.  😉   Over the weekend, I picked up several flats and pots of flowers, and veggies, for the garden and around the pool deck. Normally, I grow everything myself from seed that I start way back in February or early March. However, this year, due to several unforseen circumstances (and a mouse invasion in my seed starting areas….hmph!!) I had to resort to purchasing all of my garden and flower stock. Luckily, I am on VERY friendly terms with some members of my local Mennonite Community, and (God Bless Them) they supplied me with almost all of the vegetable varieties that I normally grow on my own – most of which are not sold to the general public.  🙂  It is also a plus that most of my Heirloom seeds usually come directly from them in the first place! *wink, wink*  🙂   Think – the kinds of ‘maters your Grandma grew up with.  😉 

So, I have been a very busy lil’ bunny for the past couple of days, and still have 52 tomato plants, 20 zucchini plants, 30 melon plants, a corn field and 35 planters around the house to go!! Busy, busy, busy – at least as long as the weather holds out for a few days!  🙂 

So, go outside and get some dirt under your nails too – it will make you feel better (not to mention that the fruits of your labor will be quite tasty)! In the mean time – think of me and brew up some sweet tea.

I’m going outside to play in the posies – just as soon as the sun comes up!  😉



2 Responses to “Playing In The Dirt….”

  1. planejaner Says:

    lovely, Shady! keep at it…our weather has been terrible.
    really rotten.

  2. Cindy Parker Says:

    You are simply amazing, Shady! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

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