Caught Up? Not….

Okay, we all know that there are never enough hours in the day – but, at least we can make a little progress every now and then.

Y’all remember the Spring-themed  Log Cabin block that I was working on? If not, just go back thru my posts over the last couple weeks and take a peek. (I’m not going to bore you with re-posting the previous pictures.)

Thank you all for helping me by giving me your opinions for the final focal layout! Between the responses that I received here, and in person, the vote was actually split 50/50 as to which layout everyone liked best! Which made me feel better about being unable to decide which one that I liked best – because you couldn’t all agree either!   😉  

So, without further adieu, this is what I (we) decided on for Mawmaws’ Mother’s Day/Birthday Throw Quilt……..

A mixture of both layout options! I just added more blocks.  🙂  Here it is all ready to bind.

Now when deciding how to topquilt this busy little sucker, I had asked my Resident Quilting Expert/Supervisor what his opinion was….

Mr. Socks suggested “WonkyDaisies”. So, that is what I went with….

A good choice Mr. Socks!!

So, this is what the final product looked like….

Mawmaw loved it – and that was all that mattered!!

Have a great day, and I’ll visit more later.




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