Graduation Day, and Thank You’s!

First up , let me tell you that the 2 recent posts that were supposed to show up here didn’t make it. So, in all fairness, the following is a brief recap of those missing posts.


This past Thursday my “Baby” graduated high school!!!


He’s SOOOOO handsome!! And smart!!! And awesome!! Did I mention that I was a VERY proud Mama???? In fact, don’t look at any of the pictures of me because of #1 Bad Camera Angles (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!) and #2 since I couldn’t wipe the BIGGEST grin off of my face I’ve ever had – I looked like an overweight chipmunk!!  😉  

It was the normal family chaos that I’m sure surrounds most ceremonies of this type – everything from stressing out the graduate by unthinking family members, to last-minute chaos, to my “Mama Bear Syndrome” taking over by noon (“problems” started by 8am) to the point I was totally “loaded for bear” and prepared to (and did) roll any head that  tried to (or even had the potential to) ruin the happy memories/enjoyment of the day for my son with their words/actions/opinions/bossiness.

Some family members saw a side of me that they either did not know existed, or had mistakenly forgotten about. All because they forgot Rule #1 – My Boy comes first – and it was HIS day – not theirs. I was NOT having his memories of the day tainted by egos, catfights, snarkyness or others opinions. So, by the Grace of Almighty God (and a few nonnegotiable comments from me), the day came off without a hitch.  THANK GOD!!!

Best of all, my son walked away with lots of happy memories, some great photos, a diploma, an acceptance letter to the college he chose, almost everyone in attendance that he wanted to be there, and most of all – feeling loved.  🙂  It was a good day!


Condensing one of those  posts that didn’t make it here, I just have to say this…. While this blog was originally started to keep in touch with friends and family members whom I do not get to see everyday, it has actually introduced me to some wonderful people whom I now consider my bloggy friends!

These are people who stop by regularly (more regularly than my family members even – LOL), say “Hi” when they have time to leave a comment (but it’s perfectly ok when they don’t *smiles*), and who don’t really care WHAT I write about that day – as long as I keep them posted about my life’s little “going-ons”. They are even understanding when I lapse a day (or two) because either I have nothing to say – or were just too gosh-darn busy to say ANYTHING!  Pretty great people, huh?!?!  🙂 

So, to those of you who just happen to like it around here in my little bloggy world –  and don’t really care wether I write about Cows, Quilts, Cats, Gardens, Cars, Storms, the Goodness of God in my life, Christmas Tree Demolition, Computers, Target Practice, Baked Goods, Holidays, Family Crises, Break-Ups, The Weather, my former life as a writer, “Border Patrol and The Underlings”, or whatever the topic of the day happens to be – I say “THANK YOU”!!!!!

Thank you for caring enough to make me a daily part of your routine; for understanding (and relating) when my life gets too busy for words; for encouraging me when I’m down; for helping me to choose when I’m confused; and most of all, for just “being there” to hear me.  😉 

You guys are the best!   🙂   

Thank you!!   😉  



2 Responses to “Graduation Day, and Thank You’s!”

  1. flyinggma Says:

    Congrats on your latest milestone. I had the same one last spring when my youngest daughter graduated from high school. Enjoy watching your son make his choices for his life. It has been so much fun and crazy at times watching my four kids make their choices. They are always amazed at just how smart Mom and Dad got in the year after they graduated. Blessings on your day! Jeanne

    • shadybrooks Says:

      Thank You Jeanne! Luckily, he already thinks Mom is pretty smart/cool, LOL. The hardest part is standing back and letting him make some of those choices with only minimum input from me 🙂

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