Made for TV movie script…..

Hey y’all! Miss me? I missed me. Apologies for the absence, but the last 2 and a half weeks of my life have been a mess. Yes, it would make a riveting made-for-TV-movie script. In fact, if I wouldn’t have lived it – I’d have never believed it….. Too bad we can’t hit the rewind button in “real life”.  😦   Oh, how I wish we could on SOME things – not everything, just the most painful ones…..

Anyhow, I hope your past few weeks have been less eventful than mine – and a whole lot less psychologically damaging/stressful.

Onto a new train of thought…

After taking mental inventory regarding why I was being lazy about 2 new quilts I’m working on, it dawned on me that I had just finished 5 quilts (from start to finish) in just as many months. That revelation gave me “permission” to be a bit lacksadazical in my approach to these 2 quilts – especially since one of them is requiring me to piece blocks that ARE NOT EVEN REMOTELY SQUARE, and made up of a fabric NOT recommended for quilt making!!! Ugh….  😦    

Can you say Nightmare-Should-Be-An-Art-Quilt anyone???

So, I’m just going to work on the parts that ARE square for a while! The recipient knows all about the quilt, and got a good laugh at me and my quandry yesterday when I showed them what the hold up was. They then helped me come up with a plan to try to make those huge, wonky shaped “blocks” work in some manner (they are large cut-up pieces of  T-shirts that contain autographs written by past school mates covering the last 7 years of the recipients school career – instead of signing Yearbooks, the kids would sign each others T-shirts with permanent markers at the end of the year). So, now I at least have some kind of a plan for that quilt – because the original plan just DIDN’T work!  😉  

As soon as I have something presentable to show you of the quilt, I’ll post pictures – but, until then, you will just have to use your imagination.  🙂 

Well, it’s off to “the day job” for now, so you have a great day – and I’ll try to  not stay away so long this time.  😉  In the mean-time, here are a couple of photo’s for you to enjoy!



One Response to “Made for TV movie script…..”

  1. Cindy Parker Says:

    Your photos are so beautiful, Shady. Not many of us are so fortunate to have such beauty in our own back yard. But, God knew you would take special care of His creation! I am pained to hear that life has been rough for you lately. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, my friend. “This too shall pass.” “He will never ever ever give us more than we can handle.” Stay close to Him!

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