Random Things That Make Me Smile….

Creek at PB2

Random things that make me smile – in no particular order  🙂 

1) My Boy

2) Butterflies

3) Rodeos

4) Flowers

5) Bette Midler

6) The smell of a Tack Shop

7) Shaded Creeks and Streams

8) Whimsical Garden Statues

9) Sunrises

10) Sunsets

11) Playful Kittens

12) Horses

13) Fresh Baked Bread

14) Christmas Trees

15) Starbucks

16) Fabric/Quilt Shop “escapes”

17) Armadillos (they remind me of home)  😉

18) State Fairs

19) Old Time Carrousels

20) Mamaws’ Blankie


The Old Barn

What are some of the things that make you smile?

Make up a list to look at when smiling is THE LAST thing you feel like doing.

It’ll make you feel better to think of those things – and even more so if you can actually look around and see them!  🙂

Have a great day!



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