If Cats Ruled The World….

A popular cartoon cat’s comic strip, known and loved by many, posed the question “What if cats ruled the world?” recently. His response was “IF?????”.

Anyone who has the joy of cohabitating with these small furry children, could effectively answer that question – in much greater detail. Some have even wished that cats (or at least people who shared the cats outlook on life) DID make the rules.

For example:

If cats ruled the world……

1) Naptime would be not only required, but demanded several times a day.

Sometimes with a cuddle-buddy…

The more the merrier….

2) Our biggest jobs would be Box Inspection…..

and Bird Watching (a.k.a. Perimiter Control)….

3) We could watch as much T.V. (or just play on the computer) as we wanted…

4) We could play (Hide-N-Seek anyone??) LOTS….

5) And we could just enjoy ourselves 24/7…..

6) And eat all we want!! If we gained a few pounds…WHO CARES!?!?!

We would still be too cute!!

So….. Whatcha Think??

Have a great day!!

Shady  😉


2 Responses to “If Cats Ruled The World….”

  1. Betty Says:

    Beautiful cats, love the pics. Being a cat person/owner myself, they do rule MY world. I jump with each command.

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