Insanity At It’s Finest!

Ok, it’s happened. It’s official. I’ve lost my flippen-ever-lovin-mind!!!

“How?” you might ask….

I don’t know.


Don’t know that either.


Haven’t a clue!! Although, if you find it, I’m not so sure that I want it back now that I think about it!  😉

I came to this realization just recently, as I sat in front of my Fabric Preservation Vault (a.k.a. my fabric stash closet).

Mind you, I have not 1 but 2 quilts in progress right now. With no time, or mental capacity, to work on either one of them! So I sit down in front of the stash closet, to gaze fondly upon my treasures, with the lovely thought of “I should start something new”…. And as if  THIS wasn’t bad enough – the very next thought that runs thru my mind is: “I have nothing here – it’s like a clothes closet, and I have nothing to wear”!!!!


Why do I say that? Because THIS is what I was looking at…

and THIS..

and THIS…

and THIS..

and THIS…

and THIS…

and…Oh, you get the idea!!!

I immediately realized how “NUTS” I was – and I had to share!  😉

Call a Therapist! Call a Councilor!! Call the Doctor!!

Quick! Call Fabriholics Annonymous!! Call my mommy!!  Oh, wait, she’s not speaking to me…..

Or, maybe just point me in the direction of a good Quilt Shop….

“Hi. My name is Shady, and I’m a Fabriholic.”……..  😉


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