Momma – Intruder Alert!!!!!!

I heard the most awful commotion coming from the boys’  room (and he was not home at the time).

Clicking and scratching and uncommon noises.

I went to investigate, and as I came around the corner I uttered the standard Mom statement:

“WHAT is going on in here?!?!”

Then, I saw……this:

“It’s an INTRUDER Momma!!!!! See!!!!”

“I’ll get it for you”

“Come HERE you!”

“I’m gonna get you!!”

“NO – I’m gonna get you!”

“No – ME!”

“It’s MINE!!”

“Stupid cats – I’m OUTSIDE, you are NOT!!”

“Kiss this!!”

Ahhh, a day in the life of a “Cat Mom”……..

Watch out for those “Intruders” – they’re sneaky…


Here we go again……..


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