4th of July Preparations


                Lemonade – check
                Sweet Tea – check
                Kool Aid – check
                Potato Salad fixins – check
                Pasta Salad fixins – check
                Baked Beans – check
                Cheddar Brats – check
                Beer Brats – check
                Hamburger – check
                Hot Dogs – check
                Buns and fixins – check
                Corn on cob – knew I was forgetting something…….
                Dessert – not a clue….
                Pool – broken skimmer – must fix ASAP
                Neighbors ALREADY setting off fireworks – check
                Terrorists Tourists EVERYWHERE in town ** – check
                Housework done – LOLOLOL (picture Snoopy laughing)    🙂

So, how’s YOUR 4th of July preparations coming along?

Anyone else ready to leave town?   🙂 

Just curious.

**Let me explain WHY we call our tourists “terrorists” around here: They film most of the “Girls Gone Wild” holiday video segments around here; our tourists come into town – drive thru (yes, I said THRU) buildings, cause major traffic wrecks (with fatalities), capsize no less than 5 plus boats (45 foot and up) for fun jumping wakes, run over 6-10 waverunners/operators, start 40 person and up brawls/fights in parking lots, steal statues, throw condo/rental furniture in the lake, set several things on fire (including themselves), drive boats thru docks/other boats, beach several LARGE boats on local golf courses, etc., etc., etc..  Locals do NOT go out of their homes from Wed. thru Wed. during this weekend, unless (like me) you have to work. Then you go straight to work, get done, and go straight home. You DON’T go to any stores, resteraunts, or on the water – EVER – unless you have been invaded by relatives on vacation, and you HAVE to take them somewhere. Otherwise – they are on their own navigating the area.

Holiday weekends here are scary!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “4th of July Preparations”

  1. flyinggma Says:

    Haven’t started the preparations and at this point in time I’d like to ask all my kids to please leave for the weekend and come back when they are happy. My 19 year old is grumpy, grumpy and more grumpy.

    I am looking forward to being home for two days in a row. That rarely happens in our house. Maybe something will get done around home. Have a Great Fourth! Jeanne

    • shadybrooks Says:

      LOL – I totally understand the part about never being home 2 days in a row!! I just came off of a 3 week long run of NO day off…Looking forward to getting some things done myself, or at least hoping that I can! After sleep that is. 🙂
      Hopefully the “grumpy” will become “happy” soon – they are no fun to be around when they are like that – my 18 yr old just had one of those days too!
      Hope you have a Great Fourth as well!

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