A Self-Explanitory Week In Photos…

There are not enough words – so here are pictures to explain this weeks adventures.

Enjoy the chaos.  😉 

Broken Peach Trees.

Broken Pool Skimmer. Don’t ask….

Broken most-favoritist shoes. (165 lb. German Shepard plus 100 plus lb human at the same time = bad for shoe)

Broken above ground pool liner…. Mystery to all.

Broken right down middle Mulberry Tree. Windstorm + Flying Porch Umbrella = Death to half of tree.

Lawnmower not broken – human just tired from all of the above and TOO MUCH RAIN!!!  Yes, that is a yellow garden hose you see in the tall grass!! (On a side note – I did mow this last night, but I still have to weedeat yet)  🙂 

Time for one of these……..


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