The Elusive “Heckifino”

He’s a pain in the tushy!!

That elusive “Heckifino”…………

“Who broke the lamp?!” you ask…..

“Heckifino” they answer.

“Who ate the last piece of pie!?”


“Who overflowed the toilet!?”


“Who spilled the Kool-Aid?!?”


“Who dumped the flowerpot?”


“Who used up the last of the toilet paper and left an empty roll?”


“Who made this mess!?!”

“The cat”

“Who ate the WHOLE box of cookies I just bought?!?”


“Who painted the dogs toenails!?!”


He makes messes wherever he goes. You can’t catch him. YOU never see him. You don’t even know what he looks like – but, you sure know when he has been there!

You never know where he might show up next.

You don’t even know when he will appear.

You only know:  he will be there – at the least opportune time.

So, be watchful! Maybe install a surveillance camera (or two), because you will always be the ONLY one who never sees him!

And you always know – He Will Be Back!!!!



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