Possibilities….And Stash Envy!!

Ahhh….new additions to the happy Fabric Preservation Vault: 



However, I do have an excuse. Another local quilt shop closed its’ doors for the last time recently.   😦   

I HAD to go “rescue” some of its’ goodies. 


Fabriholic tendencies took over don’tcha know…… 



BUT – I  have absolutely NOTHING on SEVERAL of the women in attendance at this 75% off sale – NOTHING!!! 


I have seen quilters “Stash Areas” that took up a LARGE chunk of an upstairs floor, or a separate detached Quilt Room/Studio. HoweverTHEY are fabric designers/professional quilt designers/etc. and their full-time job involves fabrics and designing. They are not located around here (where I live).  They are located far, far away! The quilters around here DO NOT fall into those categories, however, the ones I ran into at this sale put my little ‘ol stash to SHAME!!! 

Shame, I tell ya!!! Seriously! 

How???  There were several, and I mean several ladies there who have RENTED storage sheds where they store their fabric!!! JUST THEIR FABRIC!!!! Based on their statements, 14′ x 16′ was the most common shed size – and they were talking about possibly needing to rent a 2nd shed due to what they were purchasing at this sale!!!!! The most amazing part – they are NOT professional quilters!! They quilt for fun and enjoyment and to show-off at the local guild, but none of them were Teachers, Designers, published or employed in the fabric industry!!! 


I think I need to re-think my “Fabriholic” status. Compared to those ladies – I am just an amature wanna-be fabric collector! 


I guess that means I need more practice fabric.  😉   

Hehehehehe  🙂   

“Hi Ho, Hi Ho…..”


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