Stolen Quilty Time.

Okay – the past few weeks I’ve been SERIOUSLY neglecting my “quilting duties”, so to speak. I have a million and one reasons excuses why, but the reality is I just haven’t felt like actually SEWING anything.

Fabric acquisition/fondling = okay. Actual sewing = not so much.

About a week ago I decided that I felt like actually making something again….So, today I make amends for that, and will show you some photos of what I’ve been working on lately in my “stolen quilty moments” when no one was looking……

If you would like to play along too – click on the button on the right side of the page for the “Summer Star Sampler Quilt Along” that Bradie Sparrow is conducting over at her site and join in the fun. (You should see some of the gorgeous blocks that other participants have made over on flickr as well!!)

Well, it’s time to go play out in the nastiness called our summer weather again today. Heat and humidity have kept it around 110 degrees here for several weeks now….. I’m ready to move to Alaska!!

Does Alaska have humidity??? Just checking  😉 

Have a great day, and stay safe, and cool!!!



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