A Case Of Mistaken Identity – MINE!!!!

The Pink Bunny is sad….Very sad.  😦  


I have been wrangling with the decision of whether to change the site’s name – or just shut it down. 

I really don’t want to shut it down – I’ve put too much “work” into this thing over the past year to part with it easily.  😦   It’s kinda became a part of me.    🙂     

So, that leaves me changing my identity……

Well, actually just the site’s identity.

Long story short – there is a VERY accomplished lady fabric designer/quilter who owns BUNNY HILL QUILTS and DESIGNS.

She LOVES the color pink.

She collects rabbits.

She did a radio interview last Monday with another VERY well-known quilter/designer who has now started referring to lady #1 as “Ms. Pink Bunny” and “The Bunny Lady”.


I named this site last year at 5:00 AM one morning after my beloved pink bunny slippers I was wearing at the time. I Googled all possible variations of the name, and found NO MATCHES on 6 search engines that day. So, I used the name.

Now, anyone who heard the radio/internet interview and tries to search HER out using the Pink Bunny name will find me – and Lord only knows what THAT could stir up!!

So, out of respect for my Elders, and respect for a very accomplished artist – I should gracefully bow out of my name – I’m just having a very hard time adjusting to that fact – and an even harder time trying to think up a “new name”!!!! If I do, it shall be on the title of the blog ONLY, however. All of my recipes will still be listed under The Pink Bunny Cafe page on this site – and I’m keeping my 50 PINK BUNNIES that I have been gifted with since starting this thing!!   😉    (And all of the notepads, plates, cups, containers, buckets, baskets, pens, pencils, decals, etc., etc., etc….)


 So, if y’all have any ideas – I could sure use a few suggestions.   🙂

Talk to you more later!



3 Responses to “A Case Of Mistaken Identity – MINE!!!!”

  1. planejaner Says:

    Well, you had it first. I say you keep the name, and enjoy the visitors you will get. Maybe on your “about” page you could include the story of how old your site is, and how it was named?
    I don’t know…to me, it’s like naming your baby, then learning the Queen had a baby and used the same name…so now you think you should change your baby’s name…
    doesn’t seem fair to me, you know?
    I say the new name should be:
    The Pink Bunny Cafe.

    • shadybrooks Says:

      I agree with you! I just have a bad habit of trying to keep everyone elses feathers unruffled. LOL.
      I think I just may have to keep my name 🙂 “Shady’s World” just doesn’t have the same “ring” to it 🙂 LOL

  2. planejaner Says:

    but…if I had to think of one…
    how about
    Shady’s Lane?

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