“Why in the world would you want to do THAT?!?”

That seems to be a question that every quilter has been asked at some point in their quilting “career”. It is usually asked by a “friend”, or an acquaintance, with an almost condescending tone, and a sideways look. The question, and their reaction to this revelation, actually tells you a lot about the questioner.

It tells you:

1) That they had put you in a “box” – and this new info tells them that you do not fit in there.

2) They had no quilters in their family.

3) They think quilting is something that only little old ladies do to occupy their time.

4) They are now “reclassifying” you as a stuffy, boring individual.

5) You are not who they thought you were.

6) You are “weird” to them.

7) They think you are seriously confused/brainwashed/having an early “mid-life crisis”.

8 ) They think you need to get out more.

9) They are thinking that they need new friends….

Ahhh, but the joy, camaraderie and kinship you’ll hear in their voice when you come across a “closet quilter”!! When they find out that you quilt and they excitedly ask “You Quilt!?!?!!!!!”. This question/declaration will be immediately followed with a joyful “ME TOO!!!!”. You may even detect a note of relief in their voice.  😉 

Suddenly – you’ve made a new friend!  🙂 

You see, we quilters are actually a very diverse, and interesting, group of people. We range in age from the very young (think age 10 or 11) up to the young age of 100. There are more 20-something, and 30-something, quilters out there than you would think.  😉   They are just not necessary going to let you know about it – unless you quilt too!

To top that one off – most of us are Doctors, Business Owners, Health-Care workers, Teachers, Public Safety Officials, Ranchers/Farmers,  Writers, Veterinarians, Veterinary Assts., Bikers, Stay at home Moms, Child Care Professionals, Pilots, Designers, Actors, Magazine Editors, Waiters (YES – there are lots of MALE quilters out there!), Waitresses, Tattoo Artists, Bartenders, Photographers, CEO’s, Public Office holders/Elected Officials, Television Executives, Truckers, etc., etc. – and those are just some of the quilters I have met/known!!

So, the next time you think all quilters are just “little old ladies” sitting at home with their cats and stitching the remainder of their quiet life away – THINK AGAIN!!

We LOVE surprising you!!!!  😉  



2 Responses to ““Why in the world would you want to do THAT?!?””

  1. pat sloan Says:

    not sure you can find a little old lady quilter anymore!

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