Priceless Gifts….

Hello everyone – and “Thank You” so much for all of your comments, thoughts, and prayers for me and my son during the past few weeks. It has been a time in my life that I would not wish on any other human – ever!

I am not going to sadden you by my lamenting on all of the situations/incidents/heartbreak/uncertainty/sorrow and pain of the last few weeks (in fact – I didn’t want to write to you until I could finally find something happy to share with you). I just have not had it in me to do much more on the computer than to update our Facebook Friends on funeral details, and occasionally check emails. Crying on your keyboard is very bad for your computer.   😉 

However, I have finally found something happy to share with you.

Scott and I are both Organ and Tissue Donors. This is a very common thing among those of us in fire/police/medical professions. We know the good that can come of someone else being blessed with the gift of  life, or getting a new lease on life, thru someone elses selfless decision to be a Donor. Children suffering with cancer who could benefit from bone marrow, or “new” organs because theirs have been ravaged by disease. Someones Mother, Father, Wife, Husband or child who needs a new heart valve, cornea, liver, kidney, lung, or some other transplantible tissue or organ. Burn victims in need of skin grafts, muscles, connective tissues, etc… The list goes on and on, and new advances in transplants are being made every day in the area of “what can be used” and who can be helped by receiving these transplants.

These gifts are a Blessing, to both the recipient, and to their family members who have had to watch their loved one suffer while waiting/hoping/praying  for a transplant. They are a gift – one without price!! One that can never be fully appreciated, unless YOU are on the receiving end of the “gift”.

I received a letter yesterday from the Transplant Network I had dealt with for the coordination of Scott’s Organ/Tissue Donations. In short – without boring you with all of the Medical Terms and Legal Jargon – Scott’s wish to help others after his death was realized to an even greater extent then he could have ever hoped, or dreamed possible.  He now “lives on” thru his gifts to almost 60 recipients!!!!

Almost 60 people (and their families) have been touched/changed/blessed due to the kindness of this sweet man, whose whole philosophy was that once he was gone there was no reason to keep something that could give someone else a better life! He would be so happy to see what this philosophy of his has produced!!!

See, I told you that I finally had something happy to share!! With that in mind, if you are NOT an organ donor – PLEASE consider becoming one!! Make sure you not only sign your drivers license stating you want to be a donor – but, also MAKE SURE that your loved ones are aware of your decision as well!!! Drivers licences don’t always stay where they are supposed to be in a medical emergency.  😉 

Until next time, stay safe, and have a great day!



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